Invest in Africa, Build your Wealth

We are democratising the process for Africans at home and abroad to invest in their favourite brand companies on the Continent while helping the infrastructural development of Africa with our nonprofit partners.

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Features you'll love

Easy stock trading

You will be able to select your favourite African publicly traded companies and be able to buy/sell stock during trading hours.

Quick to setup anywhere

All you need is your smartphone, access to internet, and your banking information to setup your account in minutes. Our app is available to users in Ghana, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Secure transactions in seconds

Our app is connected to the live stock market data as its happening now. We are also using international standard protocol for all of your transactions.

Invest in Africa in a new way

No longer will you have to have considerable mass of cash to invest in Africa. With CowryExchange, you will have the ability to make secure investments by stock trading. Portion of our commission fees is donated to one of our nonprofit organisation partner based on the Continent of your choice. Not only are you building personal wealth, you are contributing to the sustainable development of Africa.

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Encouraging the next billion dollar IPOs in Africa

With an investing application that creates a global pool of investors, publicly traded companies on the Continent will have access to investments that they once were not able to reach.

  • 1
    Create an Account

    Its as easy as this: enter your user information, fill out an investor's profile, and choose a nonprofit organisation.

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    Invest in the market

    Search for the publicly traded companies of your interest (make sure to research them), and then start buying and selling securities.

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    Enjoy your life

    Over time you will have the opportunity to build personal wealth for yourself while contributing to the efforts of nonprofit organisations working to better the Continent.


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Available for all major mobile and desktop platforms. Rapidiously visualize optimal ROI rather than enterprise-wide methods of empowerment.

*Works on iOS 10.0.5+, Android Kitkat and above.

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